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  • All of our boats are designed and manufactured by Commercial Water Sports (CWS). CWS is the leading parasail boat manufacturer in the world.
  • Commercial Water Sports has been a champion for better boats, better safety equipment, better training and stricter regulations in the parasail Industry. In order for us to be the best parasail company we can be, the choice is easy: We run the best boats available on the market.
  • Our parasail boats are inspected twice annually by the US Coast Guard for safety and security.
  • Every morning and every evening our boats go through rigorous safety checks to insure all systems are operating at 100%.



  • All of our captains hold a USCG Merchant Marine Masters Captain’s License. This license requires a lengthy written and practical exam as well as background checks, physical examination, CPR/First Aid training and a minimum of 720 days working as crew on a boat. Most of our captains have 15-20 years of parasailing experience.
  • Our captains and crew are required to submit to random drug screening and keep their CPR and First Aid certifications current.
  • All captains and crew participate in ongoing training programs organized by certified industry professionals and government affiliates.



  • All equipment is inspected before, during and after every parasail tour.
  • Equipment usage is monitored and daily inspection logs are submitted to ensure peek performance.
  • A certified captain and crew accompany every parasail trip.
  • All guests are given instructions on basic parasail procedure on the boat ride out to ensure comfort and safety while parasailing.
  • Parasailing is safe, fun and easy for all ages. For specific parasailing questions, feel free to contact us 941-346-8300.
  • All participants must sign a standard liability release waiver prior to engaging in any activity.